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Microsoft Office 2019 & 2021 Pro Plus Bind Retail Key


Global Key

★ Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus BIND Retail Key : 1320Tk

★ Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus BIND Retail Key : 2395Tk

🔻 Bind Key :- 
▪️ The license should work correctly as long as no changes are made to the account and no new Office subscriptions are added to the account that will complicate the existing Office bind to the account.
▪️ You can bind the product key to a Microsoft account for unlimited reinstallations even on a different PC as long as only 1 active installation exists.   
▪️ This product is not compatible with Mac based operating systems.  

🔰 You will receive a key.

Delivery Time : 5 - 30 min


▪ Head to Setup.office.com

▪ Log in with your Microsoft account

▪ Enter the key and follow the prompts to activate your product


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